Week 2 schedule: #BlissFitHabits

Man, oh man! Week one had me fired up! Even on days when a workout felt like a chore, just knowing that we’re on this journey together was enough to get me back on track. I hope it was the same for you, too! If you haven’t tuned into the Instagram check-ins, here a few of mine from this week. If you’re just tuning in and want to join (it’s free!), then check out the week 1 schedule HERE.


This week, you’re in for a real good time. The mindset challenges in your BlissFitHabits calendar in week 2 requires an open mind. The concepts are a bit more abstract and take a stab at our pre-conceived notions about our self-care, self-esteem and what it really means to make oneself a priority. When we experience life through our ego’s eyes or through a scarcity and ‘not good enough’ mentality, we shy away from making ourselves a priority. This manifests itself in many forms such as feeling guilty for not taking time alone when our family and work obligations demand so much from us; neglecting our friendships, shying away from compliments or attaching ourselves to things and situations that no longer server our wellbeing. This is a huge shift from our old thinking and it may get uncomfortable. Stick with it! This is where the magic happens!

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We are stronger, happier and more balanced when we surround ourselves with like-minded, positive people. Ready for more bliss this week? Let’s do this!

P.S. If you’re just tuning it, there’s still time to join us for the challenge (for free!). Just sign up here and get started!

Workout schedule week 2

Monday: Upper body throttle


Tuesday: Lower body push

Take a little extra time warming up for this one and foam roll as needed. You want to feel fresh and ready to go! A medicine ball or sandbag is needed for this one, but if you don’t have one available, you can fill up a canvas bag with sand for a DIY version. The angle of the sumo deadlift is a bit tricky (it looks like a squat from the front). Be sure to hinge from the hips to pick up the kettlebell or dumbbell rather than squat down.

Wednesday: Rest/off

In order to perform optimally, you must give your body the space to rest and repair itself. If zero exercise is not an option for you, then do something easy on the body, like yoga, a long walk or work on your mobility.

Thursday: Intervals

Warm-up 5-10 minutesEasy pace 2 minSprint 20-30 secsEasy pace 2 minRepeat for 25 minutesCool-down 10 min (1)

What is life without a little cardio in it, amirite? This interval workout can be done any day you wish and on any cardio equipment you want. Don’t feel like hitting the gym? That’s cool – take it to the pavement and bring a timer with you. The hard/sprint portion is an all-out effort, which is why it’s short and sweet and a super effective way to lose body fat and improve performance.

Friday: Repeat upper body workout

Ready to take it up a notch? Step up the intensity by adding in another set, reducing the rest time, or increasing the load by 5lbs.

Saturday: Repeat lower body workout

Challenge yourself to do one extra round than last time.

Sunday: Active recovery day

Bundle up and do something active outdoors today. Go out for a jog, a swim or a hike. If the weather has you down, then try something new indoors. Today’s adventure is yours to create, so be creative!

Mindset Calendar Week 2

Download your calendar here: BlissFitHabits calendar

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