Trish is a phenomenal Pilates instructor and a delightful person. Working with her, I've improved my form, flexibility and strength. And it's been fun! No two classes are the same, and I'm always learning something new and challenging. The amount of progress I've made is more than I ever anticipated. If I have a question or need special attention, Trish is always ready to help and guide me. She is fantastic!

Liz Pursell

Designation : Pilates student

Trish is very educated in Pilates and very helpful if your form is not quite right. Try her class and you will find that you love her like I do!

Rosie Mack

Designation : Pilates client

Before working with Trish, I could barely touch my toes. She gave me the tools for a proper warm-up before a lifting session, has increased my flexibility and shown me how to move efficiently. As a competitive powerlifter, Trish knew exactly where my weaknesses were and was patient with me along the way. I noticed the difference in effort and ability to do the prescribed movements every single session. Pilates has definitely opened my eyes to a community that I would have never known before Trish.

Shedna Kay

Designation : Powerlifter

Pilates has helped my low back and taught me how to activate my hamstrings. A month in and my weightlifting training is improving, as well as my flexibility as I get ready for Weightlifting Masters Worlds.

Jesse Malcomb

Company Name : CrossFit Fortius
Designation : Co-Owner