Week 1 Schedule: Bliss Fit Habits

Want to get blissed out over the next 4 weeks?

Heck yes you do! The #BlissFitHabits challenge starts TODAY. (If you’re just tuning in and want to know more about this free transformation series, go HERE)

Here’s what to expect during week 1:

– 2 workouts designed by me and a weekly schedule (more details below)

– 7 daily mindset practices

– 2 emails from me this week with additional inspiration, check-in and direction

– 1 winner announced next week on the blog

Here’s what you must do to complete the challenge this week:

– Follow the workout schedule below and complete the 2 workouts TWICE this week (for a total of 4 workouts)

– Complete your daily mindset challenge (calendar access below)

– Post a picture of you completing the workout and/or mindset challenges on Instagram. Use hashtag #BlissFitHabits and tag me @trishdfit We can all peep into each other’s workouts and challenges to support and encourage one another

– Remember, to qualify to win prizes each week you must sign up for the challenge & post on Instagram (get on board the social media train, it’s fun!)


Workout schedule Week 1


MONDAY: Total body circuit


TUESDAY: Bodyweight circuit

WEDNESDAY: Rest or active recovery

Time to recover and let that body rest. Take a walk, hit a calming yoga class or do light stretching.

THURSDAY: Repeat Bodyweight circuit

Aim to complete another set or shave a few seconds from your rest period to make today’s workout a bit more challenging.

FRIDAY: Repeat total body circuit

Aim to complete another set or shave a few seconds from your rest period to make today’s workout a bit more challenging.

SATURDAY: Adventure Day

This is the day to take your activity outdoors. Go for a hike, run, bike ride or a swim. If bad weather is a factor, plan on trying out a new studio, gym or class format today instead. The goal is to switch things up and do something active outside of your comfort zone. Rock climbing, skating, barre class…grab a friend and have an active adventure.

SUNDAY: Rest day or active recovery

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Fit in these workouts around your schedule. If you can’t hit the gym Monday, kick it off on Tuesday instead. Be sure to warm-up for 5-10 minutes before the workout and use weights and rest periods that are appropriate for your body. Stay consistent and log in your workouts on Instagram! I’ll be doing these along with you too.

Mindset Calendar

Download your calendar here: BlissFitHabits calendar

Want to sign up for the challenge? Get in on the bliss and sign up below!

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