Build Balance & Consistency with Online Pilates Workouts at Home

Enjoy the Power of Pilates Anytime, Anywhere...

...and without spending thousands on equipment or a pricey studio


  • You're looking for something to balance out your regular fitness routine and active lifestyle 
  • Your joints feel constantly stiff and achey - you want relief!
  • You lack time to fit in a Pilates routine into your packed schedule
  • You love Pilates but pricey studio memberships or a long commute prevent you from trying and sticking with it
  • You're looking for a convenient way to add Pilates into your life - without sacrificing the other physical activities you love
  • Recovery is important, but let's face it - it's a bit boring. You want to recover smart while enjoying the process

    The Pilates Mat Bundles is for the busy woman, mom, and recreational athlete that loves staying active but can’t possibly squeeze in another regular routine or studio membership into her life. 

    She is genuinely interested in learning Pilates in a way that helps her improve the quality of her movement, flexibility, and overall strength.

    Imagine This...

    Feeling energized and refreshed from a rejuvenating workout on your mat...

    Enjoying your normal routine and athletic pursuits without feeling beat up...

    Bouncing back after an injury or pregnancy in a healthy, risk-free way...

    Improving posture, core strength, and releasing that tight low back!


      I’m Trish DaCosta, your virtual Pilates instructor and creator of Pilates FloWOD

      STEP 2: Pick and Choose Your FloWOD workout based on what you need before or after a workout

      • Video tutorials are anywhere from seven to fifteen minutes long
      • Each workout progresses you from one video to the next
      • Pick from Bulletproof Shoulders, 360 Degree Hips, Core Focus, and more!

      STEP 3: Practice on your mat anytime!

      • Put everything you've learned into practice with any of the full-length workouts
      • Watch the bonus tutorials to improve your technique
      • Lifetime access to the entire course!