Learn Pilates to Master Your Mobility & Movement


Pilates FloWOD is an online course that you can access from anywhere to start learning the most essential principles and exercises in the Pilates method. No gimmicks or nonsense, the course is designed to teach you what to do as you start your Pilates practice.


When you put the tired-and-true Pilates system to work, you’ll start to notice your flexibility, core strength and posture improve. The stronger and more flexible you are, the more effective your workouts will be. Pilates FloWOD offers short workouts that complements your day’s workout or can be used as a standalone on recovery days.


      The course can be accessed anytime you need to boost your recovery for a certain body part or can be used as a part of an extended warm-up before a workout. Or maybe you just want to dive into one of the extended workouts when you’re unable to hit the gym. You get to choose what works best for you, and break a little sweat along the way!

      Yes, I want it!

      If you want to continue to train with vigor, consistency, and move pain-free 5 or 10 years from now, then what you do outside the gym matters. 

      Pilates takes care of the pieces that general strength training typically ignores:

      • Joint mobility
      • Muscle stability
      • Healthy posture
      • Structural alignment,
      • Muscular coordination and balance
      • Body control

      A 2014 study from the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine found that the injury rate in CrossFit alone was 20%. Imagine how many more injuries CrossFit athletes have sustained since! Now add in all the powerlifters and weightlifters who love training hard and staying active, and that number has likely tripled.

      So why aren’t more recreational athletes taking up Pilates to recover better and injury-proof their bodies?

      Lack of time, money and accessibility are the most common reasons given for not trying Pilates. Private lessons cost up to $110 per hour and some studios charge $40 per class! I’m here to change all that by bringing you Pilates FloWOD, which is:

      Convenient. Affordable. Challenging. Effective.

      Pilates FloWOD will…

      • Mobilize your hips, back and ankles
      • Pre-hab your body for better performance
      • Empower you with the techniques to move better
      • Simplify Pilates techniques based on your needs
      • Increase confidence in and out of the gym
      • Relieve low back pain and joint stiffness
      • Improve the quality of your squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and more
      • Optimize your recovery
      • Boost overall athleticism

      The Program includes…

      • The Foundation Series: A 3-part video training that breaks down the three pillars of your Pilates FloWOD practice
      • Video library of 15 short and full-length workouts that address specific mobility and strength challenges
      • 4 full-length workouts for beginner and intermediate levels
      • Challenging Pilates exercises that improve core strength, stability and flexibility in one shot
      • Gear guide to boost your Pilates workouts 
      • A membership portal you can access anytime, anywhere for one full year

      I’m Trish DaCosta. Lifter, Pilates pro and creator of Pilates FloWOD.


      I’m a diehard strength enthusiast and coach with over a decade of training as an athlete under my belt. I’ve learned hands-on what works in Pilates and what doesn’t by experimenting on my own body and teaching other weightlifters, CrossFitters, and powerlifters the Pilates method.

      Strength training to me isn’t just for looking and feeling good. It’s for helping us achieve a more fulfilling and adventurous life. Pilates ensures I can extend that longevity, whether it’s on the platform, on a surf board, or the trails.

      I want to tell you why so many people spend hours on mobility drills and mysofascial release techniques that don’t offer much long-term gain. I want to share why lifters like you are getting hurt over and over and forced to drop their favorite activities.

      It’s not because these techniques are wrong, but they sure are boring! Not to mention, so easy to skip when all we want to do is get to the workout. You know, the fun stuff.

      I get it. I’ve been there. But flying through warm-ups, skipping the recovery work and worse, doing all those mobility and mysofascial drills incorrectly didn’t make me a better athlete. It got me injured.

      I suffered from a shoulder injury for years due to bad movement patterns, overtraining and poor recovery practices. My progress stalled and all the mobility work was barely making a dent in my lifting.

      Pilates has given me the freedom to improve my performance, increase my longevity and flexibility without interfering with my workouts. In fact, after devoting myself to Pilates during my powerlifting meet prep, I walked away with 2nd place and ZERO injuries!

      Now you can do the same — and I’ll show you how with Pilates FloWOD.

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