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You only get one body and one life, and I’m here to help you enjoy both through a body and lifestyle that lets you experience more, not less, of life’s amazing adventures.

Barbell Pilates is your home for all things strength training, Pilates, and mindset so you can unlock your true athletic potential and conquer your world with more ease.

When your body is strong and healthy, you can tackle any athletic endeavor with ease and live your life as an extraordinary adventure. 

I’ll show you how to accomplish major feats of strengths like nailing your first pull-up, give you tools to stay mobile through Pilates-based exercises, and help you cultivate a mindset that helps you conquer your fears and live a life full of fun and exploration.

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“Pilates has helped my low back and taught me how to activate my hamstrings. A month in and my weightlifting training is improving, as well as my flexibility as I get ready for Weightlifting Masters Worlds.”
Jesse Malcomb, Weightlifter

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