If you are a busy, driven woman 

who is successful in several areas of her life but struggling with fitness then 

You already know that…

it’s challenging to stay consistent when most fitness programs require you to push harder, drain your energy, and leave you feeling more pain than joy

  • You know this isn’t sustainable.
  • You want your workouts to feel like an escape, not a chore.
  • You struggle with finding a sustainable strength training plan that makes you strong, efficient, and improves the quality of your life.
  • You are ready to feel energized from your workouts so you can be fully present in your life 
  • You want to strength train without the guesswork, frustration, or burpees

Well, good news. You are in the right place.


    BarbellSTRONG is a four-month online strength and hypertrophy program for active women who want to

    • Get stronger in the big lifts
    • Improve lifting technique and form
    • Build beautiful muscle that represents the hard work she puts in the gym
    • Increase movement efficiency
    • Prevent injury with better quality movement

    Here's how you can do this...


    $249/mo ($150 off when paid in full)

    • Customized program, 4-5x / week
    • Weekly coaching check-ins via TrueCoach
    • Text and email support (direct access to me when you need it!)
    • Monthly (4 total) 30-minute coaching call (phone or Zoom)
    • Access to the Barbell Pilates Sisterhood for FREE*

    *Available only with purchase of four month program upfront


    Once upon a time, I was just like you...

    Juggling a full plate, career, and pursuing my athletic goals.

    Oh, and trying to have a social life, too.

    Training two times a day, doing tons of cardio, and trying to lift without a plan set me on the wrong path...I got injured over and over and was physically drained all the time.

    This went on for years!

    Lots of guessing, lots of trial and error, and tons of mistakes later eventually led me down the path to learning how to strength train for performance and focusing on movement quality over quantity.

    Today, I'm a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor (contemporary and classically trained) and coach smart, driven, and ambitious women like you how to train and thrive without the struggle and confusion.

    Ready to work together?

    Let's go!

    Raving Fans 

    "I go to the gym with more confidence now"Emily B.
    "She made me fall in love with myself again" Jessie A.

    When I came to California I was extremely out of shape, lazy, and absolutely unhappy with everything, including myself. This is important to know because I had no motivation to even try to find myself. I was stuck in the worst place ever and fine with it. I wouldn’t even post full body pictures on social media. Then I met Trish, who is so passionate about what she does, she made me fall in love with personal training. Most importantly she made me fall in love with myself again. I actually get out and do active stuff and I post pictures of myself proudly.

    Don’t get me wrong, I definitely fought her every step of the way. I honestly still fight her some days, but working with her has taught me everything doesn’t come easy. You have to work for what you want and most of all she taught me is that you can actually enjoy exercising! The best part about coaching with Trish is that she teaches you moves and techniques that you can do by yourself. I would recommend coaching with Trish for EVERYONE. It’s all about you and getting out of your normal routine, and the crazy part is it’s actually a good time! - Jessie K.

    "Trish does a great job of balancing being motivating and goal-oriented."Laura H.