Week 3 Schedule: #BlissFitHabits for fitness and mindset

We’re down to week 3 in our #BlissFitHabits challenge and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come!

Now is a great time to check in with ourselves and our progress. Have you held yourself accountable and completed your workouts on schedule or have you procrastinated or made excuses as to why you can’t complete the workout on a given day or week? If you found yourself procrastinating or making excuses, ask yourself why. What’s holding you back? Is it lack of equipment at your disposal? Is it lack of time? Did an unexpected work assignment come up? Whatever it is, take a few minutes to reflect and find out the deep why. Oftentimes we’ll see that whatever the problem is has a simple solution. Or that our reasons are actually much deeper and complicated than simply ‘lack of time.’ For example, if your why is “I don’t have the right equipment available” there’s a solution for that: 1) Buy it at your local store (because the equipment is minimal in all our workouts) or 2) Go to the gym and use the equipment there.

Or perhaps your reason is lack of time. This is a big one for a lot of people and let’s face it, our time is precious. Yet we all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s how we use them that makes all the difference. If lack of time is your concern, then take a look at your week to see where you can maximize your time and make yourself a priority. For some, it means waiting until the weekend to binge on their favorite Netflix shows. This will create time to workout during the week. Others might find it helpful to go to bed 30 minutes earlier to feel well rested and energized the next day. Some might experiment with a morning or lunchtime workout instead.

But then, there are times our “why” is a bit more complicated. You may have a gym available but are afraid of stepping into the weight room and have people judge you. Now you can bring your self-awareness to this fear of judgement and recognize it for what it is – a fear stemming from a past hurt or insecurity. If we let our fears and insecurities run our day, we’ll never progress or evolve. You have to face the fear, enter the weight room and give zero damns about people judging you because in reality, everyone is too busy focused on themselves to notice you and your workout.

We all have our fears, our doubts, our insecurities and our excuses. It makes us human. No matter how you’ve done so far in this challenge, I encourage you to check in with yourself, face your fears and excuses and make that commitment to push yourself outside your comfort zone. It’s a brand new week. Hit that ‘reset’ button and dive right in.

Here’s what to expect during week 3:

– Two new workouts that build on the ones from the past two weeks. These will challenge you in a whole new way, so get ready to sweat and have fun!

– A repeat of past workouts to see and feel how far you’ve progressed.

– Seven new mindset practices that hones in on how we give back to the world and the people around us. It’ll also give us a chance to reflect on our progress and change our thought patterns.

– A chance to win prizes if you post your workout or mindset practice on Instagram using the hashtag #BlissFitHabits

Be sure to check your email for more details about the Bliss Habits mindset challenges. Get those posts up on Instagram too using hashtag #BlissFitHabits

P.S. If you’re just tuning it, there’s still time to join us for the challenge (for free!). Just sign up here and get started!

Let’s get blissed out this week!


Workout schedule Week 3

#BlissFitHabits Calendar is here


MONDAY: Supercharged MetCon


What’s a MetCon, you ask? It’s short for metabolic conditioning. MetCons are a great way to maximize our energy system’s efficiency and this workout does just that. While the exercises are simple enough, completing them for 8 rounds is anything but easy. Aim to complete each exercises back to back without stopping, but if you need to take a pause between exercises to catch your breath or hydrate, then do it! The timer will keep running regardless of how many times you stop to rest, and as your body gets fitter and more efficient, you’ll be able to get through this in less time. You ready? Pump up the jams and get your body supercharged!


TUESDAY: Bodyweight Circuit

We’re bringing week 1’s workout back – because why not!? This is an opportunity to see how much you’ve progressed over the past few weeks. You may find this circuit a lot easier to complete now, plus you can do it right in your living room. Let’s get to it!

Wednesday: The Barbell Complex

This workout is short and sweet – perfect if you’re crunched for time. Using a barbell or pair of dumbbells, you’ll move through all the exercises shown back to back without setting the weight down. Want to make it extra challenging? Add alternating lunges after the good mornings.

THURSDAY: Rest day

Finally! A day to relax and let those muscles recover. Take today completely off to let your body recharge and get set for the rest of the week’s activities. You may opt for foam rolling, a massage or getting a bit more quality sleep today. Recovery is just as important as getting after it.

FRIDAY: Repeat Supercharged Metcon

We’re giving this another go today! Get it!

SATURDAY: Get outside

Achieving optimal fitness is not confined to a gym and today is the day to take it outdoors. Whether you choose to bike, run, hike, or just crush a few lunges and push-ups in the park, do it with Mother Nature by your side.  Studies have shown that spending time in nature reduces anxiety, depression and improves our overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. And what’s the point of all this fitness if you can’t enjoy a bike ride or a hike with your friends? Get outside and have fun!

SUNDAY: Active recovery or rest day

Sundays are perfect days to recover, stretch and foam roll. Enjoy this easy day, prepare your healthy meals for the week and get your mind ready for the new week ahead. We’re up to our last week of our challenge before the holidays begin. We’re almost there!

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