4 Rules to Train & Thrive Like a Champion

Before I dive into this week’s post, I am really digging these chocolate espresso banana bread muffins from PaleOMG. So easy to make, so delicious, I devoured them over the course of two days. They were good while they lasted. I highly suggest making yourself a batch, or three. No judgement here.

Ok, glad to get that off my chest. In between making and devouring muffins this holiday weekend, I also got cracking on a few other things regarding my life and business, mainly writing, learning, and developing more content and material (for a future release, so stay tuned!)

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with self-improvement, mindset and personal development. I’m devouring research on these topics on a daily basis, and have applied them over the last couple of years in different areas of my life (health, fitness, finances, etc.) with tremendous success. I’ve learned a lot of things, but the biggest one is this: The same principles that work for the most influential and successful business people, athletes, and visionaries in the world today is applicable to everyone on the planet. It can change your strength levels, your finances, your business, your relationships, your marketing – seriously, everything!

So I put together a few of the top principles I’ve dug up over the course of my research, work and experiments to help you train and thrive like a champion in and out of the gym.

Head on over to Setareh Beatuy to read the goods!



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