Pilates with Trish has changed the way I feel in my body. My running times have increased, I’m more flexible than ever and I can feel the difference since working with her.Pilates student

Hi, I’m Trish!

I’m the founder and CEO of Barbell Pilates.

As an avid lifter in the sport of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, I found that my biggest limitations on the platform were a result of past injuries, muscular imbalances and postural issues brought on by years of poor movement and sitting at a desk job for 10 years. As I pursued my training and Pilates career on the side, I discovered how the Pilates method created better movement quality and prehabbed athletes to perform better in the weight room.

With this discovery, I began using Pilates to rehab an old nagging shoulder injury while studying under Second Generation Master Trainer Jennie Groom to fine tune my coaching skills and gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates method. Throughout that journey I picked up powerlifting and tested Pilates techniques to improve performance, and went on to win second place in my second meet.

Today, you can find me coaching everyday people like you how to achieve the strength, mobility and flexibility needed to perform at their best in any endeavor. My clients include powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, triathletes and runners masquerading as CEO’s, military veterans and corporate executives during the day around San Diego County.