Is this you?

  • You want an at-home routine to help you stay consistent

  • You want to release tension, stress, and anxiety

  • You want to practice Pilates & other workouts without paying for expensive equipment or a studio

  • You want to alleviate muscles aches and soreness

  • You want to improve posture and take care of your joints

  • You want access to short and long-form workouts that fit your schedule

  • You want to improve your core strength

  • You want to improve your mobility

  • You want a complimentary system to your normal fitness activities

I feel this way too, and why I’ve created this monthly membership to help you during these uncertain times.

Allow me to guide you through Pilates & fitness workouts that challenge and rejuvenate you…all while having fun!

  • On-demand guided Pilates and conditioning videos
  • Flexible & realistic way to fit in exercise from anywhere
  • Access to Instagram live and Pilates FloWOD archives
  • Strength & conditioning workouts with minimal to no equipment
  • Fun, enjoyable workouts at just 15 minutes a day
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Do good for your body and the world.

A portion of your membership will go directly to communities and individuals facing hunger across America during the COVID-19 crisis.

Feeding America is a nationwide network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs that provides food to people in need.

Together, we are fighting against hunger for millions of children and adults impacted by this global pandemic.

1 Month Membership


Per Month
  • Instant access to Pilates guided videos
  • New workouts added in each week
  • Bodyweight conditioning & strength workouts
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1 Year Membership


Per 1 Year
  • Instant access to Pilates guided videos
  • New workouts added in each week
  • Bodyweight conditioning & strength workouts
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You Got Questions? I Have Answers!

Do I need equipment?

Ideally, you have a yoga mat available to start, but there are many options where some equipment will enhance the workouts. I’ve created routines that use mini-balls, bands, a chair or backpack – lots of things you can find around the house. The mini-bands and mini-ball are dirt cheap on Amazon and can be substituted with other things around the house.

What format do the workouts come in? What types are there?

The workouts are all given through video – and I do them right alongside with you so you can see form but also get plenty of verbal technique pointers.

The workouts include mat Pilates, Pilates Fusion, Body Conditioning, and Glutes and Glory. So you get about 80% Pilates-based workouts and 20% fitness workouts.

How often do I have to do them to see results?

I recommend practicing a minimum of 3x a week to get the best results, which amounts to 1:30 hours out of your entire week! That’s not bad! The workouts are all 30-45 minutes and can compliment other activities you’re currently doing.

Can I modify for injuries or fitness level?

Yes! I give you modifications in each workout so it’s super beginner friendly, and appropriate for more intermediate/advanced levels.

What’s your refund policy?

This is a monthly membership, so you can cancel anytime you wish. There are no refunds for months you have already used, but you can try it out risk-free for one week before committing.

Can I download the workouts?

Yes! If there’s a workout you love and want to take with you where there is no Wi-Fi access, you can download them to any device and do them as needed. Really great for travel days!