BarbellSTRONG Coaching

A performance driven group training program for active women who want to improve strength and aesthetics, without working out every day. Inside BSC, you'll learn exactly how to train effectively, without any guesswork! Perfect for the former Powerlifters, ex- Crossfitters, or workout enthusiasts that want to remain healthy & active for life.

What's In Store For You?

  • Ongoing support & accountability

  • Lizzo levels of confidence

  • Impressive levels of strength & performance

  • A strong impulse to check yourself out in the mirror

  • Increased mobility and flexibility

  • Movement mastery

Ready to Make Gains?

I got you, boo! Let's find the membership that is right for you

Plus / $119

Group coaching
  • Four month progressive strength training program
  • Monthly focus email outlining your training goals
  • Weekly online check-ins & feedback delivered in an online app
  • Email access to me for additional support
  • Access to your training toolkit to learn more about your training
  • 4x lifting sessions / week, 45-60 minutes
  • No individualization

Premium / $200

  • Customized, progressive strength training plan
  • Weekly check-ins via online app
  • Monthly support call with me
  • Anytime text and email access to me
  • Monthly training focus email outlining your specific goals and targets
  • Train three or four times a week to fit your life, 45-60 minutes
  • Commitment for 4 months
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How Clients Look and Feel

Membership Goodies Include

Access to exercise library and your training plan from any device!

A progressive strength training program broken up into three phases, delivered to you

Four workouts per week with built-in warm-up for improved performance & mobility

Get online support, accountability, technique analysis, and form tweaks


How It All Goes Down


  • Establish your workout structure
  • Rebuild foundational movement patterns
  • Learn how to use rest periods, tempo, and circuits to create the shape of your body, while adding on lean muscle