Week 4 Schedule #BlissFitHabits

Welcome to week four, fitness junkies!

This last week feels a little bittersweet. I’m so proud of all of you who have jumped into this challenge with an open mind, tackled your fears and embraced the mindset and physical challenges. I am motivated by you, inspired by you and most of all, really, really grateful for you all. THANK YOU. Even with a few Instagram-shy participants, I had many of you emailing me, texting me or finding another way to get in touch and tell me how you’re doing. I LOVE that! At the end of the day, this challenge is not about social media, prizes, or who did what best. It’s about coming together to build positive, life changing habits for our bodies and our minds. And once you lock those in, amazing things start to happen.

You have all done a wonderful job but we’re not quite finished! Keep those Instagram check-ins coming (we’ll have more of these in the future, so you might as well jump on this bandwagon now). Stay focused, engaged and get your mind and body ready for our final week of STRENGTH and BLISS!

Here’s what to expect during week 4:

– Two new workouts, of course! Both are ladder workouts, a fun way to combine strength movements with conditioning so you get twice the benefits!

– Two new intervals or cardio sessions to choose from. While lifting weights is fun and sweaty, sometimes a girl just wants to go for a good run. And who says you can’t?!

– Your Monday motivation email with all your mindset challenges are coming to your inbox. Be sure to sign up to get it, otherwise, refer to the #BlissFitHabits calendar for a glimpse HERE


MONDAY: Full body ladder

This ladder has a 21-15-9 rep sequence. Meaning, you’ll complete all the exercises shown for 21 reps each. Rest for a minute or two, then repeat the exercises for 15 reps each. Rest and repeat for 9 reps. It’s a lot of reps but you can do this. Look how far you’ve come already!

Tuesday: Get your sweat on!

Who says cardio is evil? I sure don’t! There’s a time and place for heavy lifting, conditioning and a good cardio session of your choice. Today, log in 25-30 minutes of cardio of your choice or choose between one of the workouts or intervals below. Now get down with your bad self and post a sweaty selfie up on Instagram using the hashtag #BlissFitHabits
Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.24.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.31.05 PM


Wednesday: Total body ladder

That’s right – another ladder workout (structuring a little differently) with all new moves. Ready? Set, go!

Thursday: Active recovery

You’ve worked hard the last three days, now it’s time to reward those muscles and soft tissue with a break. Spend 20 minutes foam rolling, stretching or doing light yoga or swimming. The duration doesn’t matter as much as the quality of time you spend taking care of your body.

Friday: Lower body workout

Here’s a throwback for you – a workout from week 3! This lower body workout is one you won’t want to miss! A combination of strength, conditioning and you get to throw a med ball around! You’ve done this one before so today, try to master the moves a bit more and minimize your rest periods.

Saturday: Adventure

Your weekly adventure workout falls on Saturday – the day of friends, fun, and fitness! You can choose between one of the workouts from this week or take your fitness outdoors. Go for a run on the beach, do a bodyweight circuit in the park (Here is one), try out a new class or just spend your fitness time with friends and family doing something active together.

Sunday: Rest day

You did it! Week 4 is complete! Reward yourself with a recovery day. Rest, enjoy your Sunday, prepare your meals in advance and be on the lookout for a quick check-in in your inbox!

We got a winner this week!

Big shout out to Tiffany @Organicallyyou She gets this sweet prize from our sponsor LiveSore for her inspirational check-in and commitment to the #BlissFitHabits challenge. Congratulations fitness babe!


Don’t forget to download your #BlissFitHabits calendar and practice your daily mindset habits. Together we get physically and mentally fit to live in our bliss.

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