Form Fix: The Hip Twist

Once you start learning Pilates, you realize that that every exercise builds on another. The mat exercises form the basis of movements on the reformer and cadillac; which is further intensified or supported on equipments like the ladder barrel, spine corrector, and arc barrel. It all circles back. I call them “Circle of Life” exercise. Like in the Lion King.

Still can’t believe Mufasa went out like that. SMH.

The Hip Twist is one of those “Circle of Life” type exercises, combining length, strength and movement into one. When we learn to anchor our tailbone, sit back into our sit bones in exercises like the Teaser or Open leg rocker, we can graduate to a dynamic movement such as the Hip Twist.

How to clean up your Hip Twist

  • At its most advanced level, the Hip Twist is done with stretched arms and legs. Another easier variation can be done with bent elbows and resting on your forearms.
  • Find your anchor with the hands (in outstretched position) and the sit bones. You want to be sitting back into your sit bones like you would in the Teaser.
  • Open up your collarbone and avoid sinking into the shoulders (see bottom photo). Your posture counts here!
  • Circle the hips to move the legs, not the other way around. As you do, continue to “lift” up from your front abdominal wall so you don’t dip into the lumbar spine/low back.
  • Always start with a small range of motion until you can work your way up to larger hip circles/twists.
  • Beginners shoulder start with their forearms down and knees bent 🙂 go get it!

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