Conscious Spending for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Years ago, I used to drop serious cash (that I didn’t have as a single gal in my 20s) on a bunch of random stuff during the holidays.

Sweaters, boots, purses, candles, socks…you name it! It was in my shopping cart.

At the time I also worked in retail and took full advantage of my employee discount and the holiday promotions. #megasavings

One of the joys of being in your 30s is that you stop spending mindlessly on random stuff, and start investing in better quality items, experiences, and mindfully spending on what brings you joy.

In the book “I Will Teach You to be Rich,” author and personal finance expert Ramit Sehti explains a concept called Conscious Spending for your Rich Life.

In short, he explains that as long as you maximize your finances the right way (i.e. ditching debt, saving for the future, etc), you can and should spend money on things that matter to you regardless of hot frivolous. Spend consciously on what you desire and be ruthlessly frugal on what you don’t.

Sounds simple, am I right?

Yet, I often see people this time of year spend way more money than they ever intended on things they don’t want, need, or because they feel an obligation to purchase expensive gifts for others.

I’m not here to knock on your spending habits, but when you have to work a ton of overtime just to afford presents or are forced to take up a second job in January to pay off debt accumulated over the holidays, then something is seriously wrong.

Conscious Spending for the Holidays

I am a big believer that money is an exchange of energy, and whatever it is that you spend your hard-earned dollars on should make you feel good in the short and long-term. 

If it creates stress, guilt, shame, and debt you are not spending mindfully or living your Rich Life. You are living someone else’s.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or others this holiday season, I want you so spend your hard-earned cash on what brings you more joy, what elevates you, and of course, whatever makes your life, health, wealth, and happiness SO MUCH BETTER.

Here are a few gift ideas for you:

Your Body, Your Health

I am obviously a HUGE proponent of all things health-related! These are my top recommendations for you that I’ve personally used to educate myself, get more out of training, and just level up my overall health through knowledge and great products.

Create Your Shape Nutrition Coaching by Jenny Blake

My awesome nutritionist Jenny Blake runs an incredible programming for female athletes who want to dial in their nutrition and create the body of their dreams! I’ve worked with her since April 2019 and have truly enjoyed her approach to learning and applying a nutrition strategy that works with your goals. I highly recommend getting on the waitlist for her next program and start learning how to implement nutrition that works for the life you have and the body you want! This is not a crash diet course. It’s a 4-month customized nutrition program that I highly recommend and personally use myself.

Just look at the awesome results I’ve had using her program


The Big Lift Audit by Annie Miller

Another awesome resource I purchased this year comes from Internet bestie, Annie Miller. This 153-page PDF is a goldmine of education and knowledge. If you’re a coach like me who doesn’t want to hire a trainer but want to learn how to audit your own lifts through video analysis, BLA is what you need. I refer to this often because it’s FULL of great information to help me troubleshoot my lifts and tweak some things in my programming.

Vital Proteins Collagen Powder

The older we get, the less collagen we produce. This is a fact of life, ladies. Vital Proteins is my go-to supplement for collagen because it’s grass-fed and pasture-raised and as clean as clean can get. Look, I like being pretty and having healthy skin, hair, and nails, so while I can’t fight the clock, I can pour this into my morning coffee and allow the magic to happen.


Garden of Life RAW Probiotics for Women

Ladies, we NEED probiotics for gut and vaginal health. If you’re someone that often deals with gut issues, yeast infections, or BV I highly recommend adding this probiotic supplement to your diet. It is the purest form I could find on the market (cheaper supplements out there have a lot of random fillers thrown in), and I swear by it! Your gut and lady parts are a damn ecosystem! Help keep them healthy by using this.