Booking & Interviewing Trish to Speak

Trish's Podcast Bio

Today’s guest is Trish DaCosta. Trish runs, where she helps busy women in their 30s build strength and resiliency through a hybrid approach of strength training and Pilates.

After years of excessive cardio and two-a-day workouts, Trish turned to strength training and Pilates to rehab multiple injuries and improve performance.

Today, she coaches and teaches Pilates in-person and online to empower other women to live a life that is enhanced by fitness rather than run by it.

Trish has written for publications like STRONG Fitness Magazine and been quoted or featured in a variety of national and fitness publications including Women's Health,, and BUSTLE.

Suggested Topics

  • How injury or setbacks can enable women to get more out of their fitness
  • How can weight training and Pilates create a resilient and pain-free body
  • What "toning up" actually means and how women can achieve their goals without beating their bodies up with exercise
  • Becoming your own health advocate for long-lasting health and durability
Potential Interview Questions
  • How do you approach training with women who "just" want to lose weight/tone up or think that lifting weights will make them bulky?
  • Why do women in particular need Pilates in their 30s?
  • What mistakes do women make in their training that prevents or stalls progress in their 30s?
  • How can weight lifters use Pilates in a strategic way to improve mobility without adding more hours of exercise?
  • How can people who work 9-to-5 desk jobs make movement a priority in their lives without giving up their entire lives for the gym?