Four Ways to Improve Your Recovery Time

I’d be willing to bet that you don’t give your recovery as much thought as the rest of your workouts. 

Maybe you attend a free outdoor yoga class here and there (San Diego is full of them). Or, perhaps you are diligent about a half-ass foam rolling session at the end of each workout (You know who you are).

Nodding your head in agreement yet?

I used to be this way, too. I’d run through my warm-up and cool-downs with the focus of a toddler at Disneyland. What’s worse, I never considered what else I could do for my recovery beyond a few stretches and foam roller. It simply didn’t feel necessary!

That is until I found myself performing in the gym like a wounded animal, nursing injury after injury, and never quite feeling better. This is when I started digging deep and learning everything I could about how to improve my recovery outside the gym.

Four Ways to Improve Your Recovery Time

My article in STRONG Fitness Magazine went live today, and I’m riffing about four actionable ways to recover wisely and keep yourself in the [training] game as you start moving through your late 20s, 30s, and beyond. Check out the article here!

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