BarbellSTRONG Coaching Tool Kit

BarbellSTRONG Coaching members are in for the gainz and the knowledge!

The below tools and resources will guide you in making this program easy to use and follow.

Use the resources in this tool kit to learn more about strength training and as a reference for your BarbellSTRONG membership.

    Supporting Documents
    • Tempo training
      • Learn what tempo training is and how to read it in your program.
    • Types of cardio
      • Understand the differences between steady-state, HIIT, metabolic conditioning, and sprints, and what energy systems they train. Knowing what kind of cardio is best suited for your goals is a vital part of training effectively for life.
    • Barbell Pilates Warm-up Guide
      • Download the warm-up ebook (if you don't already own it), featuring four different warm-ups to maximize your time and prepare for the demands of your workout. Bonus Pilates-based warm-up for back and hips included!
    • Recovery principles
      • The four principles of recovery will help you get better results, prevent injury, and make this into a lifestyle
    Informative Videos