Adjusting Your Training Under Quarantine

If you’re used to lifting weights or being outdoors for your fitness, this time of social distancing can feel like a physical and emotional unraveling of sorts.
You spent months building a routine, you were *just* starting to get consistent…and now you’re a responsible citizen who stays the f*ck inside, for your safety and that of others.

It’s unclear how long the lockdown will last when the news changes every day. Bu one thing we can be certain of is, this is all temporary, and because of that I can assure you that you’re not going backwards just because your training is forced to change.
I want to offer you some ideas to consider:


  • Your body doesn’t lose muscle overnight. It may feel that way if you’re used to lifting but what took you months to build won’t disappear because you can’t pump iron for a few weeks
  • Recognize that your body needs breaks, and will even benefit from switching your training so you can heal old injuries, avoid an injury, or strengthen other neglected parts of the body. Instead of wishing you were back at the gym, enjoy the change of pace.
  • Now is the time to practice more mindfulness in your training. Pilates, yoga, bodyweight movements that force you to slow down, breathe, & move with precision will improve overall balance, coordination, & longevity that will carry over in your lifting.
  • If you’re used to long workouts (i.e. long runs, 1-1.5 hr training sessions) switch to shorter workouts around 30-45 minutes. Your body & metabolism will benefit from the change & it may even reveal where your training has been lacking.
  • Take more walks. Let’s be clear here – walking is exercise, and now that we don’t have much of a choice in the matter, this is your best chance at managing stress, maintaining your physique and overall health.
  • Continue to practice consistency. You’re home with nowhere to go and little to do (or maybe a lot to do!). This time is less about what you do and more about the habit of doing. You don’t stop being consistent just because the conditions are no longer perfect.

To help you finally get consistent and tune into your body, I’m offering virtual classes every week on Instagram, a mix of Pilates, booty circuits, and bodyweight conditioning to keep you active and consistent!


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