4 Tips for a fun & effective indoor cycling workout

Indoor cycling class is a fun way to get an energizing cardiovascular workout, build endurance and power. Yet, I often see riders come in and not fully maximize their time spent on the bike. Poor form, low resistance, texting (um, rude!), chit-chatting with your bestie or simply not following the instructor’s directions can all contribute to a less effective workout.

To make the most of your next cycling class follow these four tips:

Learn proper bike setup: Take the time to learn how to properly set up your bike by coming to class a few minutes early and asking your instructor for assistance. A good setup will make the ride more comfortable, reduce injury and allow you to produce more power output (i.e burn more calories).

Engage the resistance knob: Your bike’s resistance knob is not a medieval torture device, I promise! Adjust your resistance to match the terrain you’re riding in class. Taking intensity into consideration, your resistance and cadence are required to produce enough power output, increase caloric expenditure, and get you fit fast!

Ride the terrain: Every workout is designed with a specific goal in mind, and riding in the appropriate terrain will help you achieve that goal. A good rule of thumb is: Cadence on a flat road is 80-110 RPM; on a hill it’s 60-80 RPM. Listen to your instructor’s cues and directions to understand how much effort to use or what your cadence should be.

Keep it real: Riding on a stationary bike should not be drastically different from riding outdoors. This means avoid pedaling backwards, lifting weights while riding or doing anything that will decrease your power output, pedaling efficiency and hinder your progress. A good instructor plans ahead each class, designing a profile with specific goals  energy zones in mind. If you ignore every cue and just ‘do your thing’ you won’t benefit from the ride, nor will you see the dramatic improvements in your fitness and physique like you deserve!

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