The Essentials Mat Series (4-Pack)


The Essentials Mat Bundle offers four ways to learn and explore the Classical Pilates exercises in fun and unique ways. Each workout presents a focus that will give you a deeper understanding of Pilates, body awareness, while also improving strength and flexibility. This 4-part bundle is appropriate for all skill levels and is all bodyweight based.


The perfect place to start your Pilates practice. The Essentials series takes you through the classical Pilates exercises that Joesph Pilates taught and progresses you through refreshing variations that will leave you feeling better than ever. Ideal for all levels.

The Essentials Series features:

  • Exploration of the Classical: A 30-minute bodyweight workout that focuses on the fundamentals of the traditional Pilates matwork. We explore the details of these exercises in our body while improving our mastery of the work.
  • Restore & Renew Mat: Start or end your day with this restorative Pilates workout. A deep focus on the ankles, feet, hips, and back will have you feeling stronger and more flexible. This is perfect for my athletic ladies who need a recovery day option.
  • Stress Release for the Lower Back: Let go of the stress and tension you carry in your back with this flow. You’ll experience better posture and relief from low back pain with this one. No equipment needed.
  • Classical Twist: Reset your mind, body, and energy with a twist on the classical pilates favorites. Emphasis on rotation to stretch, strengthen, and open up your trunk.