Pilates Fusion Mat Series (3-Pack)


The Pilates Fusion series takes a creative spin on classical Pilates exercises to give you a challenging new way of improving posture, strengthening your arms, abs, and some muscles you completely forgot you had! Download available for one year.



Take your Pilates practice to new heights with this challenging fusion series. Each workout offers a creative blend of traditional Pilates exercises from the apparatus to improve full body strength.

The Pilates Fusion bundle features:

  • Pilates Energetic Flow: Take your favorite Reformer-based Pilates exercises and bring them into the mat for a creative, energetic workout that will work you from head to toe.
  • Pilates Fusion Core Flow: Can’t get enough ab work? This fusion flow will get your core stronger while improving posture and mobility.
  • Pilates Fusion Upper Body Flow: Using a towel for a prop, you’ll expand the chest, strengthen the arms and back for a challenging remix of  several Pilates favorites. Prepare to sweat in this one!