Functional Pilates Mat Series (3-Pack)


The functional Pilates series is a perfect match for your busy and active lifestyle. Dive into these workouts to improve your core strength, shoulder mobility, and release those tight hips. Small props required. Download available for 1 year.


Discover a new way to bulletproof your body with this functional Pilates mat series. Featuring three 30-45 minute workouts that will hone in on coordination, control, and mobility of your hips, shoulders, and lower body.

The Functional Pilates Mat Series features:

  • Imagination Pilates: Find hip relief and strengthen your shoulders using a Theraband to mimic the movements of the Pilates machines.
  • Standing Body Pilates: Enjoy this challenging Pilates series that targets the upper and lower body standing up! hat targets the lower and upper body. You’ll use a mini-ball and theraband to spice up your coordination and body control.
  • Hip Relief with Theraband: Work on those tight hips by expanding the breathe, strengthening the core and opening up your back. This 40-minute workout will leave your hips feeling more open after a long day of sitting or a tough lower body workout.